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28 June 2018

We set off on 28 June from Oban for our ten days exploration of the Hebrides with the hope that we’d visit St Kilda. We did, and so much more. The crew (Chris (skipper), Alexa (wildlife guide), Pete (cook), Emma (bosun), were fantastic from the off. They effortlessly transported our mountain of luggage to our comfortable cabins which Emma kept spotless through the cruise, as well as looking after us on the rough crossing to St Kilda through to Caribbean strength G&Ts. Chris was a really good skipper. He sailed the boat well and did his best to find a route that best managed his passengers’ seafaring abilities, and he also had a ceremony to give homage to the Blue Men of the Minch! Pete’s amazing menus incorporated our requests – I’ll always remember his mussels on the first night, his haggis Scotch eggs, my mother’s clootie dumpling and much more – and we appreciated how he involved the kids (9 to 11) in the kitchen. Alexa (with Chris) magic’d up an amazing array of wildlife with huge enthusiasm and great knowledge. We became blasé about the number of dolphins we saw – I can best quote Chris “the weather and the wildlife sightings are some of the best I’ve known in almost 20 years”. The weather was fantastic which enabled us to land and explore Tobermory, Canna, Sanday, Taransay, Hirta (St. Kilda), Mingulay, Vatersay, Rum, Lunga (Treshnish Isles) and Loch Buie, as well as sailing past Neist Point (Skye), Boreray (St. Kilda), Monachs, Hellisay in the Sound of Barra, Eigg, Staffa, Ulva and Iona. The weather was so good we were able to swim off Sanday, Taransay, Mingulay and Vatersay, as well as enjoy the hot tub. This was a trip of a lifetime for us all. We were able to see so many places which have been specks on the horizon for so long. The cruise was magical and extra special. It’s given us memories to last a lifetime!

George Mitchell

2 June 2018

Best holiday ever! The wildlife sightings were fantastic. Thanks to the lovely knowledgable crew. They did everything to ensure we all had a great time. We visited some wonderful islands. St Kilda was the highlight of the trip and seeing the snowy owl there was very special. We all looked forward to the delicious food served every day. Thanks for a great holiday.

Jane Campbell

2 June 2018

Chris, our skipper, was very focused on our wish to see the Monachs, St Kilda and the Shiants, along with our focus on watching wildlife.  Sam, (our wildlife guide) was fantastic at spotting cetaceans and Chris was happy to divert and wait so we could see them. We had outstanding luck and were privileged to see dolphins repeatedly making fish bait balls, which attracted gannets, gulls, skuas and petrels. This went on for about 2 hours. I have to further congratulate Chris for his sensitivity in never approaching wild animals too closely; he always kept a distance which allowed us to see their natural behaviour. We ended the cruise with a day hopping from one eagle’s nest to the next, again we had great views but respect was given to the animals. Craig (Bosun) gives superb customer service. Always there to help, always with an eye on safety and our comfort. He was unflappable!  Stevy (Cook) consistently produced really nice meals. If I have dairy products I feel ill, Stevy did not put a foot wrong, he always had an alternative I could eat, I was never ill, this is above and beyond the service I have received in expensive hotels!   A fantastic holiday, with a superb crew! It could not have been bettered!

Nick Skilbeck

2 June 2018

We were made to feel very welcome and were given help and advice.  Itinerary was excellent and flexible if we so wished.  The crew were excellent and did everything possible to make sure everyone had a super trip.  Meals and food prepared by Stevie surpassed all expectations in such a small galley.  The whole experience could not have been better, even the weather.  Go for it!


Sheila Jones

2 June 2018

What a friendly company! We were made very welcome from the moment we left the bus. Our luggage was dealt with very efficiently and put on board. The same thing happened on our departure when our bags were delivered to the bus and we were given a warm send off by the wonderful crew.  The scenery was stunning and the overnight anchorages were always well-positioned in sheltered bays so that we could have undisturbed nights. It was a well thought-out itinerary, adapting to weather conditions and suggestions from our leaders.  The onshore trips were well-organized and help was always offered when using the zodiacs. The crew were a wonderful source of local knowledge and always happy to answer questions.  The crew were absolutely wonderful, always cheerful and friendly and so obliging. Nothing was too much trouble for them. The meals were always delicious and varied - how Stevie managed to provide such a variety of piping hot dishes in such a small space is a complete mystery! I can't think of any way the cruise could have been more special for me. Mooring so close to the Cuillins was perhaps my most special moment, although the time spent on St Kilda was quite magical. Seeing such a variety and quantity of birds and sea creatures throughout the trip has inspired me to buy a really good pair of binoculars! Go for it and hope to get good weather and calm seas. It will be an exciting trip and a real adventure. The scenery is spectacular, and such a variety of islands to visit, each with their own special charm.

Heather Hayward

19 August 2017

Emma was really friendly and answered promptly any queries we had.  We were made to feel very welcome and given a lovely friendly farewell at the end.  Scenery glorious;  anchorages well chosen for wildlife viewing, and onshore trips varied and interesting – crew local knowledge excellent.  The chef was first class and coped brilliantly with our varied diets. Go ahead – you won’t regret it!

Anne Brewer

3 June 2017

All absolutely wonderful! The crew – skipper Chris, boatswain Mark and super-chef Hilary – were superb: friendly, courteous, and 100% competent (no, make that 110%!) at all times, and simply great company, in whom we had complete confidence!  Chris was always on hand when needed, with sound advice and good humour, and Mark was really, really helpful; such an enthusiast and so interesting!  Neither of them could have been more committed to making us enjoy ourselves.   And the cooking was to die for - wonderful!  How Hilary did it in that tiny galley is an absolute mystery.

Peter & Vanessa Skelton

6 May 2017

We had a wonderful trip on ElizabethG and would like to express our appreciation.  Rob and the crew were wonderful, particularly in how they tried to achieve what we really wanted to do and see.  We have some excellent photographs to help keep it all in our memory

Rodderick Stewart

9 July 2016

Now that the excitement is over and we are back to our lives, richer than before with the Scotland experience, thank you all, for making it very special.  We will cherish it forever.

Tamer Buyukyilmaz (Team Turkey)

11 July 2015

Scenery fantastic, anchorages great given the constraints of some adverse weather conditions on a couple of occasions.  Onshore trips and crews local knowledge excellent. Jane Hogg: Private Charter

Jane Hogg