The Monach Islands lie approximately 4 miles west of North Uist in the Outer Hebrides.  Several of our 2017 cruises visit The Monach Isles, for more information visit our cruise calendar here> or get in touch with Emma. The Monach Islands are a lovely set of islands that have it all; remoteness, the “machair” (coastal land covered in many wild flowers) and stunning beaches. This is the perfect place for sunsets as it is open to the west from nearly every aspect. The extensive sand dunes are perfect for beach landings by tender and the fairly flat landscape makes easy walking, but with breathtaking views.

There are sheltered anchorages on the west and east side of  the three main islands, Ceann Ear, Ceann Iar and Shivinish. These islands are all linked at low tide with white sandy beaches and turquoise blue sea surrounding them; an idyllic landscape.

A natural paradise

The Monach Islands are a National Nature Reserve and home to one of the biggest colonies of grey seals in the world. The also support one of the largest single black guillemot colonies in the UK. Over 100 bird species have been recorded on the islands of which 31 are known to nest. Unusually, the dunes are the chosen nesting site of fulmar, which would normally prefer high rocky ledges

Fascinating History

A poignant piece of history relates to the grave of a 1st world war submariner Otto W Schatt who was found washed up on a beach and buried on the islands on 5th March 1918. The grave is still visited every few years by family members. An interesting small museum is in one of the restored houses, where you can find a menu for ‘Shag Soup’ a favourite for bygone inhabitants describing it as a favourite dish.