A qualified Wildlife Expert on every cruise

All our Crew members have an in-depth of knowledge of the seas and coasts our vessels visit and can provide extensive information on history, culture, environment and wildlife. Unique to our cruises is that guests are always accompanied onshore by a specialist Wildlife Expert.  This not only assists our guests to spot and identify wildlife but ensures they are safe and relaxed and will get the most enjoyment out of their trip ashore.

Our Wildlife Experts are highly qualified and come back to us season after season; they know the best walks, the local history and the local wildlife habitats.  They not only identify birdlife, mammals and cetaceans  but often the insect and plant life too.  Going ashore is tailored to the abilities and wishes of guests and can be anything from a stroll along a beach to a more challenging hike up a hill to get the best views. One-way coastal walks are popular, to be met by the boat tender once guests reach their destination. Any guest who would like to explore or go for a longer trek on their own can usually be accommodated; the Crew would brief them on basic safety guidelines for the guests to adhere to, before they set off.

Going ashore, and indeed spotting wildlife is only one aspect of our cruises. Our guests have a wonderful time on board our vessels, watching the scenery float by while enjoying fabulous food and the companionship of their shipmates and Crew.  Guests are free to be as active or as relaxed as they please and the Crew will fit in with their wishes as much as possible.