The Small Isles, the Isle of Skye and the Shiants provide an enthralling and contrasting island experience.  The “Small Isles” of Muck, Eigg, Rum and Canna, each have their own distinct beauty and character.  Cruise times between islands are short, with always another lovely island vista on the horizon, with the invitation to go ashore to explore. The next stop is the Isle of Skye, with the dramatic approach from the sea to Loch Scavaig, which sits under the towering Cuillin mountains; some of the most dramatic scenery on the West Coast of Scotland. There will be a chance to go ashore and walk to Loch Coruisk, one of the remotest lochs on Skye. Heading up the sheltered Inner Sound of Skye past the Isle of Raasay,  the magnificent Scottish mainland sea lochs of Torridon and Carron are potential stopovers. Then onwards out into the sea of the Hebrides to take in the remote Shiant Isles, often described as a mini St Kilda, a nesting site for thousands of sea birds. The Shiants were given to Adam Nicolson on his 21st birthday and his book “Sea Room” tells the story of these islands. Our guests  were delighted to be given a guided tour of the islands by Adam in 2017 and meet his friend Jonathan Dimbleby, both in the photo with Skipper James.

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Cruise Dates 2025

DateNightsSpacesPrice p/p VesselBook Online
10 May 202582£2,995.00Elizabeth-GBook Now
21 June 202580---Emma JaneFully Booked
15 July 202582£3,350.00Emma JaneBook Now
9 August 202584 £3,860.00Lucy MaryBook Now

Master cabin available (Emma Jane & Lucy Mary Only).

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13 July 2024

Far exceeded any of our expectations. Lynsey was spectacular. Charlie kept us well fed and Jazmin tended to all our needs. Rob helped us plan a great treck. Will definitely be returning and telling all the US of how great our trip was!

Kristina Rua

13 May 2024

This was our second cruise on the Lucy Mary, so we had high expectations from last time, which were all fulfilled. Abbie was once again our steward, while skipper Lewis, Chef Jeya and Wildlife Guide Linsey were new to us. Our weather was exceptional, with Lewis keeping us well away from any bad stuff. We also achieved our top bucket list item of dolphin bow wave riding, with around 20 dolphins swimming with us on one day and then around 6 on a later day - stupendous. Our fellow travellers were all lovely people, which is such an important factor in these small cruise ships, and it was a nice touch for Lewis and Linsey to join us for our evening meals. Jeya’s food was consistently superb, and Abbie made sure we were always well looked after. Always impressive was the ability of the crew to turn their hand to pretty much any task, which meant that occasional glitches were dealt with smoothly and without fuss. Lynsey in particular was visibly always on the go, cleaning the decks while we breakfasted, guiding us on board and onshore, and helping brief and debrief us at the end of each day. Having such an experienced wildlife guide at your elbow at all times is what really differentiates this cruise from the competition. The whole experience felt like we were very much involved in agreeing or amending the itinerary for the following day, rather than simply being a passenger. We are already booked for a 10 day cruise next year.

John and Aileen MacLean

13 May 2024

Absolutely fabulous. We had some glorious weather. Food was amazing. I will never forget being surrounded by minke whales, playful dolphins and thousands of seabirds including puffins at The Shiants. Our guide Lynsey was so knowledgeable. The skipper Lewis found some wonderful places to anchor and I was able to get quite a few swims in. Our steward Abbie was very attentive and creative especially with the table settings every evening. Cabin was comfy. Here’s to next time

Cath Booton

13 May 2024

This trip exceeded our expectations because of the islands we visited and the landings we made. We have been trying to visit The Shiants for a year or so and we were delighted that we made it this time. Overall a fantastic trip with great weather. The crew were exceptional both individually and as a team. Lewis as skipper always had our comfort and best interests at heart and clearly explained what he was doing and why when plans had to be tweaked. Jaya’s menus were creative and full of surprises, we ate very well. Abbie looked after us very well from that first cup of tea in the morning through to last orders. Lynsey, who we’ve met on a previous trip, was as good as we remembered. Her knowledge and experience was so helpful in helping us to appreciate and understand what we were seeing. Finally, a great group of fellow passengers who we will happily travel with again. Thank you all for a great trip. Charmaine & John L

John Lomas

13 May 2024

I was longing to be aboard “Lucy Mary” again ever since stepping off her at the end of my cruise last September; I had felt surely it couldn’t be as good again - but it was. During the entire trip the 4 crew members worked extremely hard to make sure we had a thoroughly enjoyable time, with enthusiasm, professionalism and friendliness. It was great having Abbie as our charming and efficient steward again: I must mention her inventive table decorations, a beautiful highlight of every dinner time. The other three crew were new to me but outstanding. Jaya created mouth-watering meals and treats, with a zesty approach to the food, and indeed to life in general, which was very appealing. Lynsey as wildlife guide was supremely good, sharing her remarkable knowledge of the area and its wildlife so that we saw, heard and learned about many places, animals, birds and plants which would have gone unnoticed or unidentified had she not been there. All of the wonders we saw would, of course, have been unreachable without Lewis the skipper, who did his utmost to take us to all the places we were hoping to visit - with great success. The glorious weather, coupled with Lewis’s skilful handling of the boat and his careful route planning in conjunction with Lynsey and ourselves, gave us opportunities for reaching stunning destinations. There was plenty of time to savour all the experiences, whether on land by tender trips ashore or at sea by Lewis’s willingness to slow or stop for us to observe dolphins, whales, seals, seabirds. A crew working together for the best possible outcome and an amiable group of fellow passengers, travelling on a delightful boat in an area so rich in natural beauty, gave me another unforgettable cruise. Thanks wholeheartedly and see you next year!


11 May 2024

What an amazing holiday. It exceeded our expectations. It was our first visit to Scotland and our first cruise. We were thoroughly spoilt. Chris, the skipper navigated his way around the stunning Isles and lochs ensuring we had every opportunity to spot wildlife whilst respecting the correct distance. Maggie, stewardess, nothing was too much trouble. Her attention to detail was excellent especially her creative table napkin sculptures. Carleton produced the most amazing culinary delights. Top quality dishes from such a small galley. Hannah, our wildlife expert. Her enthusiasm and knowledge was superb. She took time to explain things and made sure everyone was able get good sightings especially of the eagles' nests. She clearly loves her subject. And then the flora and fauna- dolphins, whales, seals, and the numerous species of birds including golden and white tailed eagles. A special mention to Emma and Hannah for dealing with and arranging for our luggage to be reunited with us midway through our cruise. Such a memorable holiday and will hopefully return soon.

Ian Griffiths

13 May 2023

This was such a special cruise for us. Everything was beyond our expectations! The wonderful Elizabeth G was so pristine and comfortable. Her crew were exceptional, with everything considered for their guests comfort. Our fellow guests added to the enjoyment of our holiday. Such beautiful scenery and wildlife encounters. Zoe informed us of anything of interest as regards wildlife which thoroughly enhanced our days. Craig kept everything in order including our cabin which was an unexpected bonus! Phoebe’s food was delicious and inventive. Our skipper Alastair, with his local knowledge and stories made for a truly memorable trip. Our favourite part of our cruise was our after dinner stories and breakdown of the day’s adventures. We felt like a family at the end of our cruise! Cannot wait to book another trip! Thank you Hebrides Cruises!

Stephanie Quinn

13 May 2023

I recently had the pleasure of embarking on an unforgettable cruise to the Hebrides Cruises ( Skye, Small Islands,and the Shiants, in Scotland ( May 13-21, 2023), and I must say it was an experience that exceeded all expectations. The 8-day journey was filled with breathtaking scenery, fascinating insights, and a genuine sense of camaraderie among the 8 participants and 4 staff members on board.  One of the highlights of this cruise was undoubtedly the exceptional staff. From the knowledgeable and enthusiastic naturalist to the experienced skipper, each member of the team showcased a remarkable dedication to our well-being and enjoyment throughout the trip. The naturalist's expertise and passion for the islands were evident in every interaction, making each wildlife sighting and nature excursion a truly enriching experience. The skipper's lifelong knowledge of the islands and the sea, along with his emphasis on safety, instilled a sense of confidence and allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the beauty of the Hebrides.  Not to be forgotten is the cook, whose culinary skills transformed each meal into a delightful gastronomic experience. Not only were the dishes healthy and delicious, but they were also beautifully presented, showcasing the cook's artistic talents. Finally, and not any less significant, was the boat swain's excellent customer service, always attentive to our needs and ensuring our comfort throughout the journey. His prompt response to any request with a touch of his humor, further added to the overall exceptional service on board. What  set this cruise apart was the intimate atmosphere created by the small group size and the daily rituals shared among the participants. The shared adventures and delicious meals fostered a sense of closeness and allowed for meaningful connections to be formed. We gathered each day to recount our sightings of birds and sea life, engaging in storytelling and discussion.  This combination of shared experiences and diverse perspectives, with travelers from different parts of the globe, enriched our understanding of the Hebrides from multiple angles. The staff's ability to provide a comprehensive experience was remarkable. They seamlessly blended naturalist, cultural, and historical knowledge, allowing us to appreciate the uniqueness and preciousness of Hebrides island life. With their guidance, we gained a deep appreciation for the inseparable connection between the land, sea, and the people who call this place home. Leaving the Hebrides was bittersweet. The transition back to the modern and busy world was not easy, as this cruise had offered a rare opportunity to detach from the everyday hustle and reconnect with a simpler, more connected way of life. However, the memories and lessons learned during those 8 days will forever remain with me, reminding me to cherish the beauty of nature and the importance of preserving such remarkable places. I wholeheartedly recommend this cruise to anyone seeking a transformative and unforgettable travel experience.

Alison Kinsey

13 May 2023

Christine is from the Isle of Lewis and John is a Munroist. We have spent a lifetime exploring almost every corner of our wonderful wee nation. But our tour aboard Elizabeth G still exceeded our expectations. We got to visit the amazing Shiant Isles and spend a night there. The crew simply couldn’t do enough for us. Our skipper Alasdair, a West Coast man born and bred, knew the area intimately and, as well as getting us to the Shiant Isles, found us some idyllic spots including Tarbet in Loch Nevis. Craig the Bosun - a total legend. Zöe - what knowledge, and what patience. Phoebe - had to be kidding when she said she’d never cooked in a galley before. Thanks all, especially for laying on some glorious weather - what a fabulous week we had.

John & Christine Blair

13 May 2023

Dear Emma, this was my second excursion with Hebrides Cruises. I echo people’s descriptions of all you do so well. 
I would add how much I enjoyed the after dinner conversations: what we saw lists, maps of where we had been, and where we would be tomorrow. 
The captain, Alasdair, told us stories of growing up in the Hebrides and made the history come alive for me. I learned so much from everyone’s stories!
One other plus, the crew made sure we were anchored in a calm spot each night. Slept well! Best, Bobbie Hobbs 

Bobbie Hobbs

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