Chris Gomersall

Chris Gomersall has been professional photographer and wildlife guide on selected itineraries for Hebrides Cruises for several years. The majority of the images on this website were taken by Chris. Please note that Chris retains the image copyright therefore no images from the website should be copied.

Chris  is one of the UK’s best-known wildlife photographers, with a 30-year track record of professional activity, including 14 years employed as in-house photographer at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. He continues to work as a freelance photographer of birds, wildlife and the environment, and has undertaken commissions for WWF (UK), Natural England, the Environment Agency, and BBC Wildlife magazine, amongst others. Chris’s work has won recognition in numerous international competitions, and in 2007 he was named as the European Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

Chris is on board two of our cruises in July every year as wildlife photography tutor but also wildlife guide. Both Cruises are onboard Elizabeth G

Idyllic Islands: Hebridean Photography Cruise 8-nights departing 7 July 2018 (fully booked) and 6 July 2019

St Kilda and Outer Hebrides Wildlife Adventure 10-nights departing in 16 July 2018 (fully booked) and 15 July 2019

As well as being the author of several books on wildlife photography, Chris is a very experienced tutor and trainer, leading tours and workshops at home and abroad. He acts as a training partner for Nikon (UK) Ltd, and has delivered workshops for institutions such as the London Natural History Museum, Cambridge University Museum of Zoology, and WildPhotos. Most recently, Chris was chosen as one of twenty photographers for the ground-breaking 2020VISION project.

Chris's personal outlook on photography

Chris's photography is concerned with depicting wildlife in the context of its native habitat, and most often relies on ambient light. Fundamental to all Chris’s work is the belief in the power of photography to benefit nature conservation and biodiversity.

He believes it is the photographer’s aim to look beyond superficial appearance, and to reveal something new, unseen, or previously unappreciated by the viewer – not just what something looked like, but an account of its place in the environment, an insight into its behaviour and, when things go really well, an expression of how it felt to be there.

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