Our mini-cruise ships are the ideal vessels to take you to the most far-flung islands of the Hebrides.  They are built to cope with any sea condition and have powerful engines to provide a comfortable ride.

On your cruise there will be 4 Crew, and everyone will very quickly get used to living together in close proximity, and develop the kind of warm cameraderie that is only ever found on boats. The cabins provide an excellent nights sleep, showers are hot and the food on board is delicious; what else could you ask for!  Well, perhaps you might like to relax in the dining deck saloon and watch the ever-changing scenery through panoramic windows, join the skipper in the wheelhouse, watch for wildlife on the observation deck or enjoy a book or a pre-dinner aperitif on the aft deck.

Our main aim is to introduce our guests to the truly magical places of the Hebrides, which we know so well.  Your cruise will explore an area of the Hebrides but the actual stopovers and anchorages will be determined by the tides, the weather conditions and the wishes of those on board. The skipper will make the final decision. There will be opportunities every day to go ashore and explore remote islands and coastlines; you can choose to go alone, but there is always a member of the crew or an onboard guide to accompany you if you prefer.  We have identified many one-way walking routes where a drop-off at the beginning and pick up at the end by tender makes the excursion a perfect pleasure.  Often our vessel will get up close to sea stacks and coastlines where rare species of wildlife can be seen, providing a never-to-be-forgotten close encounter with nature.

Our onboard guides and crew are immensely knowledgeable about the islands of the Hebrides and their history and wildlife; so be prepared to be educated when on board!  The evening meal is always a highlight as the day draws to a close and when everyone on board can share their personal highlights of the day.  A saloon full of friends, fabulous food, some wine and perhaps a dram and  tales to be told make a fitting tribute to a great day at sea.  The perfect end to the day is often a glorious sunset, a sky full of stars, moonlight on the water and where the only sound is the lapping of the waves on the hull.